Risk assessment of complications of hypertension in pregnancy

Advanced Clinical Decision Support Technology

Kenek PIERS is a first-of-its-kind clinical decision aid that incorporates the most advanced predictive risk assessment algorithms ever developed which are being validated at unprecedented scale - over 70,000 subjects in four countries. Kenek PIERS represents a critical advancement in the field of clinical decision support and front-line healthcare for preeclampsia globally.

The Kenek PIERS Preeclampsia Risk Assessment solution is an app that works with your Android tablet. It supports clinicians and paramedics through a validated process of assessment of the risk of maternal complications related to hypertensive disorders of pregnancy for one or more patients. Kenek PIERS utilizes the PIERS (Pre-eclampsia Integrated Estimate of RiSk) assessment algorithms that are being independently validated through the CLIP trials (Community-Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia) of the Gates Foundation funded PRE-EMPT initiative. The trials will complete in early 2017.

This tablet-based app is intended for use in three primary environments:

  • Professional Healthcare Office environment to be used by trained Health Care Professionals
  • Paramedical operators such as community health worker in a remote clinic or in the field
  • Investigative studies in clinical, remote and field environments

This product is a data collection and analysis tool that provides decision support for healthcare professionals. It is not for home use by patients. It does not directly measure the patient’s vital signs, symptoms or other physiological data.


  • Risk estimation calculation for patients diagnosed with hypertension disorders of pregnancy
  • Study-validated PIERS models
  • Clinical assessment process support
  • Account management for users and patients
  • Monitors validity of patient data
  • Saves patient data and risk assessments
  • Exports saved results in anonymized format
  • Language localized for English and Portuguese

This product may be used on women at the gestational age of 20 weeks or more. It should be operated by a healthcare professional with the appropriate training.

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Supported Devices
  • Android 4.4 and later
  • Tablets with 1280x800 resolution
  • Recommended 2G memory, 16G storage

The Kenek PIERS Preeclampsia Risk Assessment App is currently available for pilots and research studies. It is intended for healthcare professionals who have been trained in its use. It is not a medical device. The Kenek PIERS app, and the fullPIERS and miniPIERS algorithms are exclusively licensed to LionsGate Technologies and may not be re-used or resold without sub-license in any form or derivative.

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The hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) complicate 5-10% of pregnancies and lead to serious maternal illness or death.

Pre-eclampsia is the most serious of these disorders and worldwide is the second leading cause of maternal death, and results in 60,000-80,000 maternal deaths each year.

World Health Organization Fact Sheet, May 2012