Blood Pressure

Mobile-connected, low-cost BP monitor

The Kenek BP semi-automatic blood pressure application measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as heart rate. Our proprietary Kenek Core interface connects a blood pressure cuff to mobile smartphones tablets, providing a compact device that automatically records results for tracking and trending.

An individual’s blood pressure varies greatly throughout the day. Standing up, eating a meal, or even the time of day, all influence blood pressure. It varies so much that a normal reading is more likely if the measurement is taken at home rather than in the doctor’s office. This idea underlies a recommendation from the American Heart Association, American Society of Hypertension, and Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association. They urge individuals with high blood pressure, or those who are at high risk of developing it, to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Kenek BP blood pressure monitor is currently not available for sale.

Kenek BP